The ability to work with and understand nuances of various departments within an organization is critical in today’s fast-changing business environment. While specialists engage in niche functions, generalists can easily bridge functional boundaries to successfully execute the task at hand.
The popularity of General Management can be gauged by the different specializations that have developed over the years within the field. General Management covers all aspects of management, and equips aspirants with the necessary know-how for managing all kinds of functions within an organization and spearheading entrepreneurial ventures.


Immersive Content
  • Online asynchronous content
  • Designed by faculty comprising IIT & IIM alumni
  • Easy to grab concept videos
  • In-depth coverage of every management specialization
  • Additional Live-online classes on key concepts
Virtual Classroom
  • Learn anywhere – during long commutes, breaks during work, or even when waiting for a client meet.
  • Access content on both web and mobile app
  • Study offline in the absence of internet, by simply downloading lessons
Industry Connect
  • Access video lectures by CXOs & Functional Heads
  • Attend live seminars
Support Services
  • Get your profile reviewed
  • Get advice on which course is best suited for you
  • Get your course-related queries answered by faculty members
  • Get access to additional course material, beyond the specialization of your choice
  • Get your academic eligibility verified for free for longer duration Masters programs offered by Avagmah’s university partners


The Certificate in General Management is structured to give you the flexibility to study at a pace that best suits you.

  • Business Environment and Law
  • Financial Management
  • Intrapreneurial Skills
  • Management Concepts & Organisational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Project Formulation and Appraisal
  • Research Methodology
  • Strategic Management
Duration- The standard duration for access to this certificate is 3 months. However, the flexible structure allows you to complete the program even earlier based on your convenience.


There will be online MCQ type assessment at the end of each module.

Participants who complete 70% or more of the course within the stipulated time will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Participants who score 70% or more in the assessment will receive a Certificate of Excellence at the end of the course.


The total fee for this certificate is INR 5,000/- (including taxes)*. The program fee is inclusive of all academic fees, assessment fee, and course materials, and is non-refundable.

Note: Fees must be submitted using the payment gateway.


Avagmah certificates in management are ideal for those seeking to build skills in specific functional area, or those exploring a new career in a different field. It’s also the only certificate program that offers comprehensive coverage, industry exposure and student profiling services at easy-on-the-pocket rates.

This is in keeping with Avagmah’s vision of providing higher degree of freedom to those who are interested in upgrading their job skills for a better future.

Warren Buffet once said “Invest in yourself as much as you can.” A certificate program from Avagmah is the right choice for people who ask the following questions:

  1. Do I have the potential to rise to the top?
  2. Do I have all the skills I need to be better at my job?
  3. Will I be noticed over others if I have specific management skills?
  4. Do I have to attend boring training programs?


A willingness to learn and access to a device with an internet connection.

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